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This is the home for the vapers located in Utah and surrounding areas. On the site you will find topics relating to Personal Vaporizers (electronic cigarettes), tobacco harm reduction, we’ll share information from our vape meets and organize the fights against the Utah legislature each year when/if necessary - Oh and we try and have lots of fun while we’re at it!

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Utah laws require that you must be at least 19 years of age to purchase, possess, or be provided with any Personal Vaporizers (electronic cigarettes), personal vaporizer accessory, e-liquid (even zero nicotine content) or tobacco product. This is the LAW and one that is enforced in all speciality vaping retail stores in the state.

Disgusting move by Big Tobacco

Cigarette company RJ Reynolds to the FDA: Please ban our competition! We are terrible at innovation and know we can't possible compete in the current e-cigarette market.

* See: Premier Cigarettes, Eclipse Cigarettes, Camel Dissolvables

Please SHARE this across all social media platforms and through email so others get informed about this disgusting plea for corporate protectionism.

The fact that RJReynolds wants to end the open tank system, rapidly its biggest economic threat in the vapor industry is not shocking. The fact that the FDA or the federal government would place any credible weight to Big Tobacco’s comments is appalling. The FDA needs to look to the economic impact of their decision and in this case, it would be to hand Big Tobacco, basically two companies, almost the entirety of the industry. The question becomes is the federal government now in the business of intentionally violating the Sherman Act and creating monopolies or will it do the analysis it is required to do and allow this burgeoning industry made up of entrepreneurs and family owned businesses to thrive and achieve the American Dream.


Public Service Announcement

In 1990, the CDC reported that the smoking rate was 25.5% (around 46 million) adult smokers, so when the smoking rate dropped to 19.3% in 2010 there were only...45 million smokers. How can that be? Well, the population went up, so even though the number of smokers remained virtually unchanged, the percentage of smokers went down - making it appear as though there was a significant drop over that 20 year period.

Twenty years of tobacco control policies and there was only a 2.2% drop in the number of smokers! This is especially disappointing when you consider that the Healthy People 2010 objective of a 12% smoking rate would have meant 28 million smokers in 2010 - a goal missed by a whopping 17 million.

Tobacco control organizations prefer point to the smoking rates as evidence that their "abstinence only" policies - which aim only to get people to quit or stop people from starting - are working. So, they use those rate drops to support calls for more smoking bans, more product bans and more "sin" taxes. They also use this smoke-and-mirror "progress" to justify opposition to tobacco harm reduction policies and products, arguing that those are "unproven" to help smokers quit or reduce health risks, so we should continue to use their "evidence-based" policies that work.

However, the real evidence is in the actual number of smokers and that is why you won't see them reporting that number has only dropped by 1 million, because dropping from 25.5% to 19.3 % sounds much more impressive. We need to acknowledge that regardless of whether it's 25% or 19%, there are still well over 42 million adult smokers in the U.S. and come up with policies that actually save lives, rather than policies and numbers that just sound impressive.

Please support tobacco harm reduction policies!

eCig Vegas 2014

ecig vegas banner
September 24 - 25, 2014
Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Europe's key e-cigarette industry event goes to Las Vegas!

The eCig Vegas: Industry Conference brings together retailers and influential policymakers to discuss the impacts of the electronic cigarette regulations, and also take a in-depth look at the core functions of the e-cig retail business including M&A, IP, product marketing and supply chain management.

The aim of the event is to offer to businesses information related with Electronic Cigarettes, through a distinguished panel of speakers providing precise and necessary information about proposed regulations as well as public health concerns and questions around efficacy and cessation.

To find out more:
Call: +1 646 378 6026/ +44 (0) 207 036 1300

A fresh look at tobacco harm reduction: the case for the electronic cigarette

Smokers of any age can reap substantial health benefits by quitting. In fact, no other single public health effort is likely to achieve a benefit comparable to large-scale smoking cessation. Surveys document that most smokers would like to quit, and many have made repeated efforts to do so. However, conventional smoking cessation approaches require nicotine addicted smokers to abstain from tobacco and nicotine entirely. Many smokers are unable – or at least unwilling – to achieve this goal, and so they continue smoking in the face of impending adverse health consequences. In effect, the status quo in smoking cessation presents smokers with just two unpleasant alternatives: quit or suffer the harmful effects of continuing smoking. But, there is a third choice for smokers: tobacco harm reduction.


This ties in with work that the Utah Vapers did with FlavourArt in Italy from 2012 that highlights a smokers 'Right to Choose’. There IS a third choice...

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