Welcome Utah Vapers!

This is the home for the vapers located in Utah and surrounding areas. On the site you will find topics relating to Personal Vaporizers (electronic cigarettes), tobacco harm reduction, we’ll share information from our vape meets and organize the fights against the Utah legislature each year when/if necessary - Oh and we try and have lots of fun while we’re at it!

Don’t forget to check out the Vendors page for the CERTIFIED Utah retailers along with preferred vendors located around the country including those whom have shown their generous support to the Utah vaping community. You can also find links to the most trusted vaping review and webcast sites around.

Utah laws require that you must be at least 19 years of age to purchase, possess, or be provided with any Personal Vaporizers (electronic cigarettes), personal vaporizer accessory, e-liquid (even zero nicotine content) or tobacco product. This is the LAW and one that is enforced in all speciality vaping retail stores in the state.

Fund Raising Drive

runing on empty

Over the last several months, the Utah Vapers has had extensive cost outlay as a result of the legislative session. While the money was well spent and we achieved the outcome we needed, it has nearly emptied our coffers. I want to point out that I do not pay myself for the services I provide or the time I give to the Utah vaping community beyond covering the expenditures. As we operate exclusively on cash donations from the general public and retailers, I need to start a fund drive to get us through the next 6 months. Click the image above for more details on how you can support the organization so we can help all the vapers throughout the state.

Urban Legends Festival

The Utah Vapers is helping sponsor this SICK event at the Barbary Coast Saloon in June. This will be an all day event and we will be set up to spread the good vibes about vaping and Tobacco Harm Reduction. We will be selling liquids and hardware from Utah’s BEST retailers and will be offering a raffle during the day for a mod SICKER than the event itself!

Featuring DJ Jello with Dre Rawka, DJ Nizzle, DJ Planit, and Street Jesus. Live rap battles presented by Mic Masters Alliance. Three cyphers to take place throughout the day. Food, beer, graffiti artists, retailers, indoor and outdoor stages, and more!

The event is 21+ and strictly enforced by the Barbary Coast Saloon. June 7th 2014, 12:30pm - 1am. Click the image for the event invitation.


Volunteers needed!

The Utah Vapers is in need to talented and passionate vapers who wish to volunteer their time to work towards helping to keep electronic cigarettes available to all adults state-wide. Areas that need specific assistance are:
  • Web design (New website + content creation)
  • Politics (research, lobbying)
  • Law (research, meetings with law enforcement)
  • Legal (creation of legal documents)
  • Public speaking/training (organizing public outreach meetings, delivery of content)
  • Writers (press releases, website content, letters to editor, documents, etc)

If you have any of these skills, are passionate about vaping and don’t mind donating a few hours a week to the organization please contact Aaron via the email information at the bottom of the page.

A fresh look at tobacco harm reduction: the case for the electronic cigarette

Smokers of any age can reap substantial health benefits by quitting. In fact, no other single public health effort is likely to achieve a benefit comparable to large-scale smoking cessation. Surveys document that most smokers would like to quit, and many have made repeated efforts to do so. However, conventional smoking cessation approaches require nicotine addicted smokers to abstain from tobacco and nicotine entirely. Many smokers are unable – or at least unwilling – to achieve this goal, and so they continue smoking in the face of impending adverse health consequences. In effect, the status quo in smoking cessation presents smokers with just two unpleasant alternatives: quit or suffer the harmful effects of continuing smoking. But, there is a third choice for smokers: tobacco harm reduction.


This ties in with work that the Utah Vapers did with FlavourArt in Italy from 2012 that highlights a smokers 'Right to Choose’. There IS a third choice...

Tobacco Harm Reduction

*Disclaimer: Utah Vapers makes no claim that the use of personal vaporizers are for smoking cessation, nor a cure for any disease or smoking/nicotine dependence. If you wish to quit smoking or discontinue the use of nicotine related products, we strongly advise you to consult your personal physician. However if you have been unsuccessful at quitting using traditional doctor recommended methods and still have a desire to quit, contact the Utah Vapers for assistance to improve the health of yourself and those around you.

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