E-Liquid Testing in Utah

For the retailers who are not manufacturing. I STRONGLY suggest you push back hard on every supplier you use for your e-liquid and ask for liquid certification ASAP. This issue is a very serious one and if you have any supplier unwilling to test their products for dangerous components like this, you should NOT carry their liquid lines to protect both your business and your reputation. Of course should you wish to carry the products, you are welcome to engage with Enthalpy directly and send samples off for testing to confirm.

Utah Vapers Association statement

The federal government is enacting regulations that only the richest and largest companies can afford, thus monopolizing the market between them and we believe unlawfully forcing thousands of small businesses across the nation out of business. Not because they didn't work hard enough, but because they aren't big enough to absorb the vast costs associated with rules that did not exist when they started their business. These proposed regulations are destructive to an entire global industry and the actions will be felt in every country around the world. Read More...

Letter to Vapers

Whether you realize it or not, this is what you signed up for you made the switch to a SAFER alternative. Every fight for the last 4 years has lead up to THIS moment and it will take every vaper to make a difference.

Letter to Tricounty Health Dept

In response to the following story, one of Utah’s vapers wrote this letter to the Tricounty health department: http://www.ubmedia.biz/ubstandard/news/article_c696eea4-be9d-11e3-aa55-001a4bcf887a.html

It's really sad to see people not educate themselves before trying to ban something; reminds me a dark time in history where our society tied young ladies to poles and set them on fire because they thought they were witches; some most likely had a medical condition that our technology could identify and treat. Davis County Health department has been progressive in their support of this product and now I'm seeing my local health department jumping on the "BAN-Wagon".

E-Cigarette propaganda

From John Madden, Reviewer at E-Cigarette Reviewed
Have you noticed that there is a new, seemingly fabricated, negative presumption drawn up every month regarding electronic cigarettes? Since it seems so many people fell for the NY Times propaganda article, here is a little known fact: E-cigarettes do three things that those in power do not like.