Broken Promises

"Lawmakers say Washington has broken promises to Utah that date back to statehood regarding public lands."

Is Utah only about our lands and political corporations? What about the promises that our elected Utah leaders have made to the PEOPLE? Don't get me wrong, I'm all about our beautiful public lands and enjoy various areas from time to time. What is I care more about though is the promises our duly elected Governor and legislative body made to the Utah people at representing each and every one of us equally. Who will fix those broken promises?

The promise to keep Washington from dictating states rights and interests only for our elected leaders to then do the very same thing to the people of Utah is nothing short of socialistic corruption. Forcing new legislation and laws based on personal opinion and political power with an ignorant eye towards factual information is not a government whose own beliefs state that a government should never become powerful enough to infringe on the rights of individuals.

Tell me how the GOP controlled government demonstrates any of this with the legislation surrounding HB245s3?

Our Governor Gary R. Herbert, Utah State Senate, Utah House of Representatives and all members fighting to remove the rights of the Utah people and the Utah business community should do the right thing. The right thing by embracing science and fact and ceasing the progression of HB245s3.

Aaron Frazier
Founder, Utah Vapers Association