Facebook post to Gov Herbert

Governor Gary R. Herbert - I'm asking you to spend some serious time reviewing the language and the facts behind HB245 that will be presented to you in the very near future for your signature. Prior to signing, I ask that you please review some of the basic facts associated with electronic cigarettes and make a decision based on these facts and the science behind them.

  • Vapor is NOT smoke
  • Approximately 90% of the solution used in electronic cigarettes is FDA approved pharmaceutical propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine
  • There is zero evidence that nicotine is exhaled and absorbed by bystanders
  • Electronic cigarettes reduce litter on our streets and in our beautiful streams & lakes
  • Electronic cigarettes reduce the harm associated with smoking therefore is a reduced harm alternative to smoking lowering the risks for cancer
  • The levels of carcinogens and tobacco nitrosamines are at the same or lower level from pharmaceutical nicotine inhalers and patches
Governor, the Utah Vapers encourages you to meet with us in an open or closed meeting to discuss this bill prior to signing so we can provide you the same documented and factual information provided to the House & Senate committees which were ignored. Please be the leader of Utah that you were elected to be and review this with an open and honest mind. Sincerely, Aaron Frazier Founder, Utah Vapers Association