Update to Utah's World Vaping Day

Hello Utah Vapers and Friends!

I am writing to let everyone know that we are a mere 2 weeks away from the Utah World Vaping Day event on March 22nd being held in the heart of Salt Lake City at the Barbary Coast Saloon!  This is going to be an exciting time and I am working to turn this into a multi-day event.  I have already received donations from 8 vendors with 7 more who have committed their support.  For all the vendors who have already committed to helping support this event through donations or discounts, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Without your generosity and commitment to the vaping community and industry we would all still be smoking that nasty tobacco!

We will be working working with as many smokers as we can to either convince them to quit or convert them over to the less harmful vaping.  Each smoker who wishes to switch and quit will be provided with a basic stick style starter kit and liquid so they can start down the road of a smoke-free life.  We also have a bunch more liquid and a few starter kits and possibly some mods for door prizes for all you more experienced vapers.  There is also an international vendor who is working to arrange a trip to Utah just to hang out with the Utah Vapers!  This should prove 

I am working to turn this into a multi-day and multi-location event.  I am taking the week off from work for some R&R so figured I'd try and have a morning and afternoon event as well on different days so everyone can enjoy the fun.  These other events will be a bit last minute but will announce them as soon as I can.  We will also be inviting all regional media outlets, regional health agencies and the politicians so all can become more educated on the facts of tobacco harm reduction and especially the benefits of electronic cigarettes versus tobacco cigarettes.

For all you Utah folks or those nearby who haven't RSVP'd yet to the main event, please do so here: https://www.facebook.com/events/298283850232679/  For any vendors who may be on the fence for supporting us, I encourage you to do so and we'll make sure to advertise you in proper vaping fashion and in doing so will in turn pledge Utah's support to you as a vendor.

We are also planning to accept donations for the We Are Vapers documentary to help make that a successful production.  

Thanks everyone and Vape On!

Aaron Frazier
Utah Vapers Association