Clearstream Air Study

In December 2011, Aaron Frazier, Director of the Utah Vapers began consulting with FlavourArt in Milan Italy to develop research on the electronic cigarette in ways that had yet to be performed by anyone around the world. It was through this relationship that Clearstream Air was born. The purpose of this study was to identify and quantify the chemicals released on a closed environment from the use of an electronic cigarette.

Study Results

The study has now been completed, peer reviewed and accepted for the 2012 meeting of SRNT in Helsinki. The experiment concludes that within the limits of the observed parameters, has underlined that passive vapor does not produce detectable amounts of toxic and carcinogenic substances in the air of an enclosed space. You can view the study here:


Due to the exciting results from Clearstream Air, two additional medical studies have been commissioned and are currently in progress:
  • Clearstream Life: A study of electronic cigarette liquid (e-liquid) and it’s affect on live human cells.
  • Clearstream Clinical: A clinical trial of electronic cigarettes and their affect on the human body focusing on Blood pressure and heart rate, Lung function (spirometry), Blood oxygenation (O2 saturation), Cardio-respiratory performance (six minute walk test), Nicotine addiction, Anxiety and depression, and absorbed Nicotine (urinary cotinine).

Acute effects on the heart

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos through the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Greece studied the effects of electronic cigarette usage on the human heart. Through his study, the laboratory analyses indicate that it [Electronic Cigarette] is significantly less toxic and our study has shown no significant defects in cardiac function after acute use. Most [other] studies have found no nitrosamines [in vapor], but even in studies where nitrosamines were found, the levels detected were 500-1400 times less than the amount present in one tobacco cigarette. This means that electronic cigarettes must be used daily for 4-12 months to get the amount of nitrosamines present in a single tobacco cigarette.

Details of Dr. Farsalinos’s study can be found here:

Clinical studies, lab reports and more

The most comprehensive listing of scientific studies on electronic cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction is available at

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